Beauty Face Carving Sleep Mask

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1. The micro-quantum breathable fabric effectively sterilizes and relieves itching, eliminates edema, is comfortable and breathable, has good elasticity and good wrapping
2. In order to have a better wearing effect, we have designed a powerful Velcro to adjust the size at will, which also enhances our face shaping effect.
3. Use physical traction to tighten the skin and lift the skin, and cut according to the face shape to remove the double chin nasolabial fold and apple muscle
4. The edging design is exquisite and smooth, and the wrapping is all-round and intimate, which is comfortable, beautiful, strong and durable.

Product information:

Whether electric: No
Face Slimming Machine Style: Mask
Item number: Dual-use
Shell process: Bronzing

Packing list:

Lifting headgear*1

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